welcome to Ell ink. 

We are Ell Ink. A creative realm and sanctuary for audio and visual storytellers alike. Ell Ink. was born long ago out of passion for the creative arts, such as Music, Art, Film, Video Game, and everything far and wide in between. Now, we are at the inception of our newest phase: The Combined Universe   

Our team is small but often a collaborative and an ever evolving one. With backgrounds spanning from Sound Design to Audio Engineering and Storyboarding to Conceptual Art, to name a few. Feel Free to have a look around our sites (social media included) for more content and follow along our Never-Ending Storytelling.

Although we do offer freelance commission services, such as Event Photography, Stock photos, Photoshoots, Musical scores (jingles, intros, Video Game ST) and Art Illustrations, Logo Designs, etc., our goal is a simple one: To Always Create.